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Our story …

“Life was getting too easy being able bodied so we decided to give ourselves a challenge and go through life overcoming adversity…”

Gamerz 4 Vets was founded by Nathan Gonzalez (USMC ret.) and Bennie Sullivan (USAF ret.).  We both are two guys by unfortunate circumstances got spinal cord injuries in 2001.  Both us us were very much gamers and losing functions in our hands seemed to put an end to our ability to enjoy something we both were passionate about.  Despite that adversity we both managed to find a way to continue to enjoy what we love, Gaming!  We just want to both share our experiences and insight to those who feel the same and help assist them getting back into gaming.

Where does the money go?

If you look at the picture above you can get an idea of one of the projects we work on.
Currently, our goal is fabricating and creating adaptive controllers for use with PC, PS4, and Xbox consoles.  To make one of these control boxes is a expensive endeavor that requires some bit of trail and error depending on the abilities of the individual.  These controllers can get around $600-700 to create.  With your support we can help bridge that gap to those who want and these devices.

In addition, we are in the process of creating a group of veterans who are interested in the D&D community of gaming.  We have a number of individuals who want to connect with Veteran Gamerz either through online or in a city near you.  Please inquire if interested!

Find us on Discord: Gamerz4Vets#7526



San Antonio, TX

(210) 831 – 8891